We Deserve All of This and More

Have you ever believed in something so much you wanted to stand at the North pole with a magic megaphone and share it with the world?!? Okay good! Me too! Following my recent progress, I was asked by my Young Living circle to write a testimony about my experience using the Young Living Essential Oils […]

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Natural Banana Peel Face Masks

Dating as far back as junior high, I had others jokingly comment on my skin care routine. At that time, a friend lovingly joked that I already had wrinkle creams (actually plain moisturizers) and we weren’t even in high school. I’ve been slathering on sunscreen every morning since I was stuck in the uniformed, plaid school […]

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My Journey Back to Work

Medical leave from work is something many people face, yet rarely discuss. Read on as I open up about my journey back to work through physical degeneration.

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Weddings…with Dysautonomia

For those new to our blog, welcome. For those who have been around, thank you for continuing to give this tiny blog a piece of your time. I believe that life is worth reflecting for the purpose of processing and growth. This post is a little heavier (and longer) than the normal positive posts I […]

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Fruit Smoothies

carrot juice and banana smoothie

I recently felt well enough to have a quick dinner with a great friend, past roommate, and fellow blogger, Erica, of Founded in Flavor. Yay! Sipping my soup, eyeing Erica’s beautiful and colorful meal, and brainstorming ideas with her brilliantly creative mind got me excited to share a few recipes with you! This near liquid-only […]

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Vacation Planning

Vacation Essentials

Vacations can be stressful if one isn’t prepared. There are so many small things to worry about. Following the encouragement of one of my doctors, Kyle and I attempted a weekend get-a-way. We used an invitation from my FIL as the perfect excuse. In my Easter Reflection post, I briefly mentioned feeling both scared and excited. I […]

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