Fruit Smoothies

carrot juice and banana smoothie

I recently felt well enough to have a quick dinner with a great friend, past roommate, and fellow blogger, Erica, of Founded in Flavor. Yay! Sipping my soup, eyeing Erica’s beautiful and colorful meal, and brainstorming ideas with her brilliantly creative mind got me excited to share a few recipes with you! This near liquid-only […]

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Vacation Planning

Vacation Essentials

Vacations can be stressful if one isn’t prepared. There are so many small things to worry about. Following the encouragement of one of my doctors, Kyle and I attempted a weekend get-a-way. We used an invitation from my FIL as the perfect excuse. In my Easter Reflection post, I briefly mentioned feeling both scared and excited. I […]

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Gift Ideas for Mom

I have a pair of pseudo grandparents that entered my life in early childhood, and lucky for me, never left. The instruction and guidance these two individuals have separately and collectively offered me is something I hope I can find a way to pass down to my children – a sentiment felt just as strongly […]

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Morning Mango Puree

Living in the beautiful Arizona desert, it’s essential to have a handful of refreshing drink recipes on hand. Following yesterday’s appointment with the RD and GI doctor, I felt that even more strongly. I am learning that my body cannot tolerate food the way other bodies can. This means that what is healthy for others […]

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Sleep Hygiene

First off, some of you may be wondering, “What in the world is sleep hygiene?” Sleep hygiene is a set of habits and behaviors that are aimed at developing healthy sleep patterns. The impact of sleep on our bodies and minds is colossal. Without adequate sleep, our physical, spiritual, cognitive, and emotional functioning can take […]

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Tackling the Tria

Years ago, I purchased a Tria 4x without many expectations. I had already withstood rounds of laser hair removal at Ideal Image (II). Being exhausted from going in for repeated touch-ups, after the completion of all my sessions, I began to look for at home alternatives. After asking a dear friend about her Tria, she […]

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