We Deserve All of This and More

Have you ever believed in something so much you wanted to stand at the North pole with a magic megaphone and share it with the world?!? Okay good! Me too!

Following my recent progress, I was asked by my Young Living circle to write a testimony about my experience using the Young Living Essential Oils and products. Anyone who has spent time with me in recent months can speak to my oil-mania mindset. I have felt the power in my own life and want to help encourage others to take control and regain their quality of life! Because of my desire to help others, I opted to blog this testimony.

I have a genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome; this collagen synthesis disorder is multi-systemic so it affects my entire body: muscles, ligaments, joints, bones, skin, organs, etc. From the EDS stems secondary problems, like autonomic dysfunction via Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Mast Cell Activation and chronic kidney stones. At one point, my blood work depicted Hashimoto Thyroiditis autoimmune as well. To be blunt, when I started using Young Living, I was passing out, sometimes dozens of times a day, browning out even more, experiencing seizure like episodes from adrenal fatigue and was nearly completely bed ridden with debilitating symptoms, often excruciating pain, and unbearable irritation and anger. I felt so guilty that my sweet husband, Kyle, was now left caring for me around the clock, like an infant, at the same time that he was working relentlessly to provide for our family. Mentally and emotionally, Kyle and I were both exhausted and depleted.

In this most recent POTS storm, I felt anxiety for the constant overhanging possibility of another kidney infection on top of everything else. I have only had one kidney infection, but it landed me in ICU and kept me in the hospital. Never again do I want that experience. A childhood friend mentioned Young Living Essential Oils for kidney stone and kidney infection relief. I started reading about the oils specific to kidney stones and infections. Desperate for relief and fearful of another infection, I decided to sign up for Young Living.

Upon signing up, my upline and aunt wrapped me in support. My friend, her family and my aunt sent me resources (like The Chemical Free Home series, glass canisters and vials, and countless articles and recipes) and encouraged my questions. I spent days in bed reading information they sent as well as information I was finding online.  One of my uplines even came to Arizona from out of state, validating my journey with her own and answering my questions. From her validation, I felt less overwhelmed with the copious amount of information. I went home and vowed to focus on one thing at a time. My body and mind determined where my focus and energy were spent to help with consistency of use.

For simplicity, I began diffusing YLEO at night. I quickly began to feel positive emotional changes – I knew I was not alone when Kyle began getting the diffusers ready at night on his own volition. I then ventured into topical application which led to my defining moment with Young Living:

Anyone who has experienced the pains of mast cell activation can tell you they are no joke. I would rather pass kidney stones than face one of those attacks. They drop me to the floor, writhing in pain. Sometimes, I cannot hold back the tears and curling cries of pain. Because of the malabsorption stemming from EDS, pain medications (amongst others) do not work for me. In the course of one of these attacks, my sweet Kyle made me a hot compress with YL Pan-Away EO; within minutes of applying the compress, the pain subsided to a bearable level. From this moment, I threw myself into learning as much as I could about the YLEO.

Young Living Pan Away
This goes with me everywhere!

I continued using the My Chemical Free Home series as an intro to learn about endocrine disrupters present in almost every facet of our lives. With essential oils and other natural ingredients, I started making our laundry detergents, kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, beauty products (like this face mask), scorpion repellent, and more. Ridding our home of toxins is an ongoing battle and with Young Living I feel Kyle and I are equipped to lead our family in this battlefield.

Homemade Laundry Detergent
Laundry detergent

Young Living Essential Oils have influenced our diet. The fruit and vegetable soaks and sprays encouraged us to start with organic fruits and vegetables to help eliminate pesticides. This led to a diet overhaul – a more tailored approach for our family and my medical needs.

We both take Powergize every morning. The Ashwagandha root, an adaptogenic herb, is what attracted me to PowerGize; in addition to being helpful in hormone regulation and adrenal fatigue,  Ashwagandha root is said to help with fatigue without elevating heart rate like caffeine or other natural stimulants. This is a huge win for individuals with POTS because it does not exacerbate tachycardia! Kyle believes PowerGize has helped his motivation and focus throughout the day. For a cognitive boost, we take Nitro on an as needed basis.


With each change, I feel better and better! Within months, I have gone from being almost bedridden to planning my return to work!! I am no longer fearful or embarrassed about my orthotic hip, knee and feet braces; I no longer feel overwhelmed by the sometimes dozens of doctor’s appointments at a time; I no longer make excuses to stay where I am out of fear. With my intentional efforts toward hormone balancing with the YLEO’s and removing endocrine disrupters, Hashimoto Thyroiditis no longer appears on my blood panels. I have gone from numerous prescriptions to only one. Young Living Essential Oils were the foundation we needed to take control of all areas of life, especially regarding our health. The oils helped me implement the intentional lifestyle that I crave. I feel more aware of my mind, emotions, body and spirituality. I no longer feel weighed down by my slippery and faulty body. I feel confident that I can listen to my body and adjust my oils and life as needed. Ultimately, I feel grateful to my Lord for all He has provided, including this body of mine, and the opportunity to love and care for its unique-ness through natural goodness He placed on this earth.

Our essential oil routine and recipes change moment to moment depending on our individual needs at that time. I can’t say it enough: the awareness the oils have brought to my life is astounding! I know how to listen to my body, mind and soul. I understand self-care is work, but rewarding work!I believe support is critical for success. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment or use my contact page. I want to know about you, your strengths, your needs and help you with an individualized approach to self-care and improved quality of life.

I encourage you to have transparent communication with your doctors about all holistic methods used, oils too!

Win the day! Every second, every minute, every hour, we will win!

*It is worth noting that I do have a team of doctors and medical experts guiding me through individualized treatments – treatments that I don’t feel would have garnered this level of success without Young Living Essential Oils. None of this overwhelms me anymore thanks to the oils.

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