[Insert Communication Cliché Here]

As we prepare to move, I find myself slightly saddened. Kyle and I both agree that we have outgrown this loft and are eager for more space. As I pack up tiny mementos, reflecting on these two clashing emotions, the gloomier of the two leaves me curious, wondering.

I’ve found that this tiny 692 sq ft loft is where I have begun to learn to be a wife. Please, don’t mistake me. I grew up with my mother, tias, and other strong women in my life actively pointing out behaviors and mannerisms of a wife. I’ve found that it is a tiny bit different when I am the one doing it, when I am the one learning and trying to figure it out.

It is in this tiny space of no walls to separate us, that our communication was forced to flourish. Prior to this apartment, we were newlyweds by two days and life was great. I would have truthfully told you that we talked about everything and I couldn’t imagine it any better. It is only now, still in the honeymoon phase, after 18 months of marriage and living in a closet together, that I have witnessed our relationship blossom to depths we did not know existed. I am proud of us as we have grown in communication with one another, so much that it is palpable. I am not positive that we were malleable enough to have allowed God to do the work He has, and continues to do, without this tiny casita as part of our story.

I guess I will miss this little piece of universe that has become our family history, our first once home. As I have gone through life, I have found that I cannot compartmentalize. I cannot ‘turn it off’ or ‘just forget about it’ or ‘let go’. It is healthiest for me to work through it and process it. And so, as I am packing our tiny apartment, I just can’t help but be cognizant of all the growth that has taken place. Reflecting and discussing this growth with Kyle has helped transition us into excitement for the continued growth we know comes through Him. This space will forever be cherished.

As you look around your home, what are some things that speak growth to you? I hope you’ll take some time to praise yourself and loved ones for that growth!

**Side note: I am aware of how very new and inexperienced we are at this marriage thing. That both excites and humbles us further! As I turn to many women in my life, and many of you fellow bloggers, it reminds me once more of the importance of community. Thank you to everyone who has offered me guidance, encouragement and support to continuing growing in my marriage and as a Christian woman, especially in moments that I can do better. Community over competition!

What’s in a Name? History is in a name. A story is in a name…… I love having this page of a humble beginning in our story.

#Hydenout and Vaya con Dios.




4 thoughts on “[Insert Communication Cliché Here]

  1. Before getting married, my husband and I lived together in a 600 Sq ft condo for 5 years. Now that we have a large house, I miss the small space! Our lives felt more intertwined then, because in small spaces they have to be. Now we can be in different rooms, or even on different floors. Before, we would watch movies or listen to music or read together, because t here wasn’t the space for separate activities. There’s something romantic about small spaces 🙂

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