Mother’s Day

Mother's Day flowers

Mother’s Day inevitably makes me think of my own mother. I think back with loving admiration. My mom and I have some unshakeable bond, perhaps from the years spent just her and I.

My mother worked three simultaneous jobs to keep me in a good school and put herself through college. She graduated, re-married and then gave birth to two of the most beautiful humans. I felt like my mother’s entire existence went into the development of my siblings, yet, she still managed to find time to take me on mother daughter dates and attend almost every function of mine – performing arts, athletics, academics, modeling and more. I often ask her how she did it. Her response echoes that of many mothers as she smiles and tells me, “I just…did, sweetie”.

While I could write transcripts reasoning why I want to celebrate my mom on Mother’s Day and every day, the biggest one is the way she celebrates others. Selfless doesn’t begin to describe her. She fully embodies that #communityovercompetition spirit that her parents have instilled in us.

And so, it is in the spirit of my mother that I celebrate all the mothers whose bodies have told them they are not, or that they cannot be a mother.

To the women struggling with infertility, you are a mother.  You suffer something many of us know nothing about, likely leaving you feeling isolated and alone. I want to encourage you not to suffer in silence. Let your tribe of women help you carry that weight. Let us love you.

I ask others to join me as I pray for every woman struggling with infertility. May you know you are whole. You are a woman. You are a beautiful child of God with sisters ready to support you and pray for you. I pray that you know you did nothing to deserve this; this was not in God’s plan for you, although I do believe He will use it in His plan for you. I pray that insurance companies work with you and for you, not against you. I pray that you may have support in your decisions and validation of your journey. I pray that each of you is celebrated for the mother you are in your circles this weekend. I pray that others may be aware and supportive of your motherhood story. Mama, you are beautiful and your strength is abounding.

To the women who have spoken up, spoken out – my gosh, where to begin? Your strength. Your courage. I admire the way you are using this to connect with other women, and I am thankful so I may share in your journey through prayer. I admire the way you encourage, validate, normalize, empower, guide, and mother this community of silently hurting and grieving women.

(To my own Momma, thank you for having a heart that celebrates others. Thank you for teaching me more than I can ever pen. I love you. Love, your sunshine.)

Vaya con Dios.



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