Gift Ideas for Mom

I have a pair of pseudo grandparents that entered my life in early childhood, and lucky for me, never left. The instruction and guidance these two individuals have separately and collectively offered me is something I hope I can find a way to pass down to my children – a sentiment felt just as strongly for my biological Lito and Lita (short for Abuelito and Abuelita). By example, my entrepreneur pseudo grandparents demonstrated the importance of spending in the local community – city, state, nation. By example, my biological grandparents demonstrated the profound impact of community over competition. Perhaps it is from these two spheres that I pull so much of my being.

Individualization will inevitably fall as my number two strength on a Gallup strength survey. Kind of strange. I am advocating community, but individualization is a top strength? Gift shopping is where the two meet. I love poring over research to know I have found just the right gift in my community for a loved one. To help simplify life for those of you without the time, here is a quick list of gift ideas for her to help you in your Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, or birthday shopping:

  • For the mothers who love to list: Slimnote Studio. These eco-friendly notebooks are hand made in the USA and are offered in tiny, pocket and large sizes. Personally, I carry a pocket sized one with me almost all the time. Etsy: Slimnote Studio. You can also follow their Instagram and Twitter handles.
Image from @slimnotestudio Instagram
  • For the blogger/entrepreneur: Vernon Mullen. Vernon has been one of my trusted creative friends for many years. Life has crossed our paths again as he continues to assist me, this time in my blogging journey. While I cannot begin to describe all the ways Vernon helps me, I can tell you he implemented the template for my blog and continues to guide me on using various features. For all things technology and computers, I turn to Vernon. He is currently offering a home page special for $75.
  • For the cowgirl: Heart of a Cowgirl. This fine jewelry shop features jewelry handcrafted by a modern day cowgirl. Enter code MOM2017 for 10% off through May 5, 2017. This bracelet is one of my favorite pieces; it captures my Southern conservative with the pearls and my wild heart with the leather and turquoise. Don’t get me started on the good energy! You can follow Heart of a Cowgirl on Instagram as she creates intricate jewelry, ropes with the boys, and encourages along the way!
my fingers often find the smooth surface across the turquoise, which is believed to have various healing properties.
  • For the coffee lover: MistoBox. This coffee subscription service offers the option to gift one, three, six or more months subscriptions. If you’re brave, you can choose the coffee for your special lady. If you’re not sure what she likes, Mistobox also allows for the gift recipient to choose their brews. My MIL was quick to email me and tell me how much she loved this birthday gift!
  • For the Mommy to be or the tea lover: The Tiny House Farm. I use this amazing shop repeatedly for the Mommy to Be Gift Set! Among tea, you will also find herbs and spices, baskets and containers, flour sack towels, jars and bottles, farmhouse décor, handmade gifts, and vintage finds. You can also follow The Tiny House Farm on Instagram and Pinterest.
Mommy to be tea from The Tiny House Farm
How cute is that little wooden spoon?
  • For the sweet lovin’ lady: Sealed Sweets. These adorable and delicious home-made cupcakes in mason jars (available in varying sizes) can be ordered in what seems like an unending combination of home-made flavors and frostings. That’s right, the frosting is also home-made. These easy mason jar cupcakes will keep well up to five days at room temperature, or up to two weeks frozen. Did I mention home-made biscotti and marshmallows? You can also follow Sealed Sweets on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.
Image from @sealedsweets Instagram
  • For the trendy mom: Hand Stamped. This shop offers this stacked ring (pictured), necklaces, baby spoons and more. Each product is hand stamped so no two products will be the same. I love knowing these gifts are made special for the recipient. You can also follow Hand Stamped on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
I love this ring, stacked with two more, one for each sibling, for Momma!
  • For the adventure and nature lover: Keep It Wild. A portion of every purchase from their site goes toward an active project or organization aimed at restoring, maintaining, and preserving Arizona’s wild places. Additionally, Keep It Wild uses their social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest) to encourage others to keep our beautiful home clean.
I love the minute dots of color in this neutral colored throw.

I hope this makes your shopping this season a little less daunting. It will be worth it when you watch mom’s face as she opens your gift.

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