Our Run at Trendy

Alright. Brussel sprouts. They seem to have made a favorable comeback in recent years. With spring upon us, I had to at least try

Why the hesitation? Okay, I admit, the unfounded aversion. Well, my husband and I both have a sweet tooth that runs deep. We collectively agree our lifestyle needs an overhaul in many areas. Kyle and I both have unexpectedly lost family members far too soon – cardiovascular health being the culprit for many.

The matriarch of the household for which I nannied in graduate school influenced me profoundly when it comes to my wellness, starting with eating habits. She encouraged familiar concepts, like cooking with fresh ingredients, and presented completely new ideas and creative spins. Adrienne allowed me to formulate my own opinions, sometimes providing encouragement when I needed it.

Through the landslide that has resulted from my Dysautonomia, I am trying to find my center, my place of wellness. I accept that this is a multifaceted, life-long journey (that part, I find exciting). Part of this has been trying to establish a healthier baseline for my family surrounding our eating habits. For Lent, sodas were the first to go. I am secretly hoping this trend permanently sticks. As for our eating habits, baby steps.

It is in this endeavor, that I felt quite determined to at least try this trendy vegetable of Brussel sprouts. I used (this) recipe from NY Times writer Melissa Clark. It came out a bit too salty, though for me, this is helpful. I shall remember this when I need a large dose of salt to reach my 10,000mg daily. My husband and I both emptied our bowls, and gladly saved the rest for lunch.

I am eager for tips to improve. Vaya con Dios.

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