Saint Padraig

My Sister and Bub mentioned in Doritos Fried Chicken and Sibling Rivalry article are half Irish. Coincidentally enough, my stepfather, their father, is named Patrick. Why not post about it?

Saint Patrick’s day can be filled with countless shenanigans in America from green beer, shamrocks, and Saint Paddy’s day parades, but what is the day really about?

Saint Patrick, or Saint Padraig, was a British man who spent the latter part of his life in Ireland doing missionary work. I was taught he used the three leaf clover to explain The Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Individuals would pin these clovers to their clothing, transpiring to our current day of wearing green.

So today, I’ll be respecting Saint Patrick as the patron saint of Ireland, and also for the intercessor that he is for Catholics. I will be asking Saint Patrick to pray for all the Irish.

*As an aside, Paddy is the shortened version for Padraig while Patty is the shortened version of Patricia according to Ask Sam. The article also offers different explanations of clover and the origination of wearing green.

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