Spring Training and Epiphanies

I was raised in a Christian family that has a strong love for America’s pastime. The love of baseball runs deep. My mom, once subjected to double black eyes when getting whacked in the nose playing baseball with her brother and his friends, has passed on this love of the sport. I even played baseball for all of one season. I was one of two girls in our baseball league and the only girl on our team. (I remember making sure my purple Rockie’s bow wouldn’t show in my pictures. Now, I wished it had. Without my hair visible in those pictures, I look like a little boy.) Our family will drive for hours, or anything relatively close, to watch cousin’s games. Needless to say, after a physically rough morning, I was thrilled when my husband, Kyle, capitalized on a good afternoon, and surprised me with Ranger’s spring training tickets. He knows I love the game. He knows I miss home. And, he knows how much I love my Rangers. #nevereverquit

(Texas Ranger’s spring training facility in Surprise, Arizona. Ranger’s second baseman, Odor, is on deck for Venezuela).

Thinking about baseball, my appreciation for the art of pitching, and my faith, I can’t help but relate it to life. When a pitcher throws a curve ball, the ball is already spinning the optimal direction for the batter to go yard. From a batter’s perspective, the pitch can be misleading. However, when the batter has the confidence and skill to face that curve ball, he has the potential to hit it further than any other pitch, because of the spin on the ball.

Now back to life. I see God as all knowing. He knows the plan for my life because He created it (Jeremiah 29:11). I also view God, our Father, as the Divine parent. He doesn’t shield us from the curve balls of life. Instead, He wants us to ask Him for the strength, confidence, and guidance to make contact with that curve ball and go yard! He wants us to tackle these curve balls. By doing so we will accomplish wonderful things. These moments of adversity provide us with great opportunities for growth if we take the time to work through them. God is preparing our hearts for something wonderful if we will allow Him. It takes a different kind of awareness to be grateful, not just through the storm, but for the storm. I am working on this awareness daily and am thankful for everyone who helps me.

Vaya con Dios.

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