Perspective from Rainbow Brite

A child of the 80’s, I have many fond memories with my bestie Rainbow Brite. Being an only child for almost a decade, I learned to find company in my imagination.

Fast forward to current times. Mornings I am not sick, you’ll likely find me sipping from a mug and reading because …that’s what adults do. Never mind the fact that more often than not, the mug and book are both Rainbow Brite.

With help from my morning readings, meditations, and prayers I have found my perspective shifting to one of thanks. Recently, Miss Brite’s wisdom read, “When you see every day as an adventure, you find surprises are at every corner.” And what do you know, I found this demonstrated by a recent morning trip to the grocery store. How mundane. How un-adventurous.


Mornings continue to be symptomatically rough. That morning, I woke up feeling tolerable, so I thought venturing to the store when no one was there (eliminating lines and standing) would mean I could do it alone and without my husband’s help.

Smooth sailing until checkout when I felt a POTS attack rushing over me. These attacks do not know patience, boundaries or limits. They strike without warning, are extremely painful, and cause great embarrassment. Without going into graphic details, I began to feel panicked and began to hurry.Leslie, the kind cashier, quickly engaged me in a conversation about flowers (I was buying a couple bunches for my husband who loves coming home to fresh flowers). She reminded me of the life force all around us, regardless of our beliefs. Before I rushed to the car, she proclaimed she had to show me something and quickly handed me a stone – she informed it was her healing quartz stone, sharing that she bought it at the Tucson Gem Show. It was smooth and warm from being in her pocket. It was beautiful and caught the florescent lights just right. Without knowing my story, without knowing my body was internally going haywire and about to end in a big mess, Leslie shared her healing with me!

Maybe that’s the reason I made it home before the full attack ensued. Or maybe its because I called my husband, already on his way to work, to hear his soothing voice and ask him for prayer. Maybe its because my Lord heard my plea for help and perspective. Or maybe its because I remembered to practice biofeedback on the single, city block drive home.

I do know without perspective, I could have seen this trip to the store for the disaster that it was when I arrived home. Instead, I am grateful. I am grateful for the adventure; for the surprising hope offered by a stranger. Mostly, I am grateful my heart was in a place to receive this gift of a surprise interaction. What adventures and surprises are awaiting you?

Vaya con Dios.

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