Doritos Fried Chicken and Sibling Rivalry

Our family dynamics are definitely our own. Adler’s Birth Order Theory can only somewhat be applied. I write this with a light-hearted laugh. I am the oldest of three on one side of my family. I am nine years my sister’s senior and eleven years my brother’s senior. Parental instincts are innate. Bossiness is second nature. Sibling rivalry is also nice and healthy, especially now that we are all adults.

Not too long ago my sister snapped me a picture of her homemade fried chicken. This little lady can bake with the rest of them; cooking is a new development. Immediately, my heart swelled with pride. A few days later, I received a Snap from my brother, of his homemade fried chicken. Again, I thought my heart might burst. I did not even know he cooked! The reassurance that they weren’t going to starve at school washed over me. I called my mom to see if these feelings were normal – balancing Sissy and Momma feelings is hard and confusing. I’m thankful for my mom and her family, always gently nudging me toward the sister role.

Thinking about my younger siblings and their homemade fried chicken during undergrad left me feeling a bit nostalgic as I remembered my roommate’s fried chicken. That was right before I felt the familiar twinge of friendly sibling competition creeping in.

Taking advantage of a good day, my husband and I made some Doritos Fried Chicken. We used a BuzzFeed recipe gif to see how easy those really are. Turns out, it was pretty easy, and tasty. I would have preferred a side of fried okra with it, but that may be too much fried for one meal. Instead, I opted to be inclusive of Arizona and went for calabacitas, a favorite of my Arizona family. While my presentation was not that of my grandfather’s, the calabacitas were tasty enough for us to scarf down.



I snapped the fried Doritos plate to my sister and brother; I had to let them know I am still in the game and not be easily outdone. Now, I can’t wait to be together – to share our recipes, to declare a winner (I have a feeling my mother and husband will want no part of the judging), and mostly, to have each other’s company, Sister’s contagious laugh, my husband’s never-ending patience, my Bub’s gentle wisdom, and Momma’s loving reminders to keep my bossiness to a minimum.

Vaya con Dios.

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