Tackling the Tria

Years ago, I purchased a Tria 4x without many expectations. I had already withstood rounds of laser hair removal at Ideal Image (II). Being exhausted from going in for repeated touch-ups, after the completion of all my sessions, I began to look for at home alternatives. After asking a dear friend about her Tria, she swore it was one of her best beauty purchases, so I decided to give it a try.

Life has taken a couple of turns since then. For years, I continued to struggle in the shower, especially when bending down to shave my legs or lifting my arms to wash my hair. I felt frustrated that an every day activity of daily living, a shower, could trigger a POTS attack and subsequently land me in bed with severe exhaustion and nausea. Over time, shaving my legs had become a colossal chore, not an inconvenience. Pulling out my Tria 4x, with intent to abolish hair on my legs this time, I shot a quick snap to some girlfriends. The feedback was overwhelming. So many questions and comments were fired back to me: “How much?”; “Omg, I need one!”; “Do you like it?”; “Does it work?”; “Does it hurt?”; “Is it safe?”, “Can I use it down there?” etc.

Not buying it with the intent to review it, I did not take before and after pictures or document my experience. However, I can help with some information. Currently, the Tria Laser 4x (one of In Style’s 2016 Best Beauty Buys; Sephora and Amazon rate it 4 out of 5 stars) is 20% off on their website Tria Beauty, coming in at $359 with complimentary shipping. The Precision laser, for smaller and more sensitive areas, is also currently 20% off at $199 (I do not have this one and this review is solely of the 4x). Tria offers a 90 day money back guarantee. The product uses diode laser technology for permanent results and is the only FDA cleared at home laser hair removal. Tria offers more explanation on their page. The product offers guidelines on who can safely use the Tria, how and where to use it. Use on certain body parts (nipples, genitals, near eyes and more) is forbidden. The product is currently offered in six different colors….that new Peony is just perfect. Pictured is Fuschia/White. The Tria comes in a gift box that makes it easy to keep everything together (charger, Tria, pamphlets) and even easier to store.

The laser is used once every two weeks on dry, clean, shaven skin. The number of treatments will vary depending on the hair coarseness, consistency of user, and toleration of settings. There are five settings, increasing in intensity. Tria states at least 3 months of use to see progress and recommends 6 to 9 months of use.

In my experience, I consistently used the Tria every two weeks on the highest setting in the beginning and tapered off (in frequency) to as needed. The Tria 4x laser does have a little prick sensation. I liken it to a pin prick or being popped by a rubber band; it is a tiny little sting that lingers minimally. Some areas tend to be more sensitive than others. I did notice the closer to a bone I used the laser, the more intense the prick sensation felt. I mimicked what the nurses at II did for me in sensitive areas. I completed a patch of skin and then applied light pressure with my hand or a dry washcloth. For me, this was mostly sufficient. When it wasn’t, I turned the setting down by one and put a cool pack on afterward. For those that aren’t sure, there is a calming gel offered by Tria.

Within a couple weeks of first use, I started to notice the little hairs falling out, much like I did when I had laser hair removal at II.  I continued to use it with much progress – with time, no longer needing to wax/shave…no longer needing frequent “touch-ups” like I did before. Safe to say IT WORKS and I saw results long before the 3 month mark! It is for this reason, I am eager to continue using my Tria. I can’t wait to eliminate the trigger of leg shaving in the shower and hope it helps some of you, Dysautonomiacs or not!

For me, the Tria purchase was beneficial and I would buy it again. Getting into II was a barrier for my treatment with them. I was too busy to carve out blocks of time, forcing me to miss and reschedule multiple appointments. Having the Tria eliminates that struggle as I can do it when it works for me and my schedule.

**Remember, check with your doctor before implementing new products; I am not to use the calming gel per my doctor, much like I couldn’t use the numbing gel at II.

We will rise!…All puns and silliness intended.

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